The MySpace Spamularity

It's finally happened. MySpace has reached a point where it now defies all laws of physics and creates matter (SPAM actually). Recently, for reasons that are beyond explanation, I logged into my MySpace account. This would normally be a non-event, since I have only a few links in my MySpace profile, but this time I noticed a strange occurrence.

During the time that I was logged in on my MySpace site, I receive about 10 SPAM messages from MySpace users advertising various websites (mostly porn). So I logged in the next day to delete the SPAM and while I was logged in, I received another 20 messages that were porn-SPAM.

When users are punished for using your software, but they still use it, that's great Web 2.0.

Ok, this is hilarious. The amount of MySpace SPAM I receive is directly correlated with the amount of time I spend logged into the system. The more I log into the system to delete the SPAM, the more SPAM I receive. Their system actually provides a disincentive to use their site. Awesome!

Here, in a highly scientific graph, I display the effect.


As you can see, as the number of users of a site increases, the level of SPAM sent to those users eventually reaches a SPAMularity, where the entire system exists for the purposes of SPAM and SPAM alone. The site becomes completely unusable for anyone other than a SPAM-bot and over time, SPAM-bots become the site's only users. But here's my question...

When only SPAM-bots use MySpace, will advertisers still advertise there?

If so, I should be able to design the ultimate Web3.0 application that skips the troublesome middle part of being useful to users and gaining traction and just write my own SPAM-bots. If I can feed the system enough SPAM-bots, I should never have to have a single living, breathing user on the system, but I should still be able to generate advertising revenue based upon the number of users and page hits per day, right?

Ok, that's it, I have to build this thing, but what should I call it? MySpam? SpamBook? SpamSpace? Spamster? Email?